Green Manure Fertilizer Granulator

What is green manure fertilizer granulator?

A green manure fertilizer granulator is a kind of machine that can process green manure plants into pellets. Since green manure is obtained from all kinds of plant residues, people often compost them before application. And what is green compost? They are plant leftovers after fermentation. So you can imagine they are not suitable for commercial trades. But if you process the green organic manure into green fertilizer balls, they will be a whole new goods for business. Our mass production green manure making machine is of professional designs and special composing parts, they can be your reliable assistance. Speaking of processing the best green manure, we also have the fertilizer production line to do the job for you. The composing parts of the production line are fertilizer compost machine, crusher, green fertilizers mixing machine, pelletizers, granule polishing equipment, dryer, cooler, fertilizer screener, dispenser, deduster, coater and package machine.


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Green manure definition and what’s it to do with the granulator?

The meaning of green manure contains two steps. One, growing green manure crops to improve the soil condition. And two, use the crop residues after harvest to fertilize the soil. So when you define green manure, it is not only about green leaf manure crops, but also includes green manure vermicompost. Our green leaf fertilizer pelletizer can complete the preparation of green manures, making qualified green fertiliser pellets out of the green compost. So you can transport or trade them easily.


Organic fertilizer granulator as green manure fertilizer granulator
green manure organic fertilizer granulator

Model : TDJZ – 1500

Installation Angle : 2°-2.5°

Capacity(t/h) : 6 – 8

Power(kw) : 110

Feed Moisture : 20% – 40%

Feed Size(mesh) : 50

Overall Size(mm) : 5500 x 2800 x 2000


How to make green manure pellets and how is green manure prepared?

You can crush and mix the green manure plants into the soil directly, but that will take a long time before any impacts could take place. That’s why Tongda fertilizer making machines are so helpful. They will speed up the green manure preparation, while ensuring the quality of the fertilizer granule products. We will explain the explicit method of producing green manure as the following steps.


1. How to prepare green manure

Before they can be made into granules by Tongda green manure fertilizer granulator, you should first compost the green fertilizer plants. The compost can help decompose the crops, so the green plant fertilizer can work more effectively when they are in the soil. You can apply Tongda compost making machine and fermentation pot to quicken this step.


2. Make fine materials

After fermentation, the raw materials are ready. But in order to make the green manure procedure goes smoothly, we need to break the bulk, make them fine as meals. Tongda fertilizer crusher can do this job fast, with relative low energy consumption.


3. Blend in more elements

Generally, pure bio green fertilizer possesses full set of nutrients that plants need, but lack in quantity. In order to produce green manure pellets that fit for different plants, like brassicas, apples, or for viticulture, you could add more nutrients into the material fines. For that purpose, you should employ Tongda fertilizer mixer. This machine can make even mixtures with high efficiency.


4. Granular bio green fertilizers manufacturing

This is the crucial step of the green and organic fertilizer processing. You should use our excellent equipment to make sure no mistakes in the granulation. The suitable machines are Tongda patent organic fertilizer granulator(AKA churning teeth granulator), rotary drum granulator, rotary gear drum granulator and disc pan pelletizer. They may be different because of the designs, but are all competent when producing green fertilizer granules. You can check their details in their respective page.


5. Further processing

You can promote the newly created green fertilizer pellets to another level. Our fertilizer buffing and polishing machine can make the granules rounder, brighter and denser. That will not only elevate the looks of your products, but also improve the quality of them. After the deburring, there are still few steps to finish the production, the corresponding machines are listed in the composition introduction of fertilizer production line. You can check them above.


Choose a reliable green manure fertilizer granulator for your business!

There is no need to emphasize how important a good machine is during the processing of green compost plants. But your most concerns probably are the green waste composting machine price and quality. Tongda heavy industry machinery should be among your best choices, since our company is the foremost brand of the fertilizer pelletizer in China. You can always count on the quality of our equipment and our services. Whether you grow green manure crops in India, Australia, UK, Philippines or Francais, or any other countries and cities, our machines can always find their way to you intact. Order now, you will get a considerable discount! If you have any questions, contact us any time you want.


Rotary drum granulator as green manure fertilizer granulator
green manure rotary drum granulator

Model : TDZGZ-2280

Power(kw) : 22

Internal Diameter (mm) : 2200

Length(mm) : 8000

Installation Angle : 2°-5°

Rotate Speed(r/min) : 10.5

Capacity(t/h) : 10 – 15


What’s the purpose of green manuring and green manure fertilizer granulator?

Because of the importance of green manuring, this cultivation method becomes more and more popular around the world. The green manure efficiency is high, and their protection and amendment to the environment are higher. Tongda fertilizer pelletizer can turn those best green manure crops into excellent fertilizer granules, so they will continue to fertilize the soil. Green rich organic fertilizer pelletizer is very helpful all around the world. So you can apply Tongda granulators in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Dublin, Kannada, Kenya, Dupai or any other locations.


Rotary gear drum granulator as green manure fertilizer granulator
green manure rotary gear drum granulator

Model : TDZJ – 1660

Power(kw) : 45 + 22

Installation Angle : 2°-2.5°

Capacity(t/h) : 5 – 8

Overall Size(mm) : 7500x2200x2250


The list of green manure crops that Tongda green manure fertilizer granulator can process

To know the examples of green manure crops, you should first know what is green manure crop. Any plant part is potential fertilizer material, like grass, hay, cassava, even sawdust and hops are count. But some of them are better. And these plants can be divided into two main green manure types.


1. Legumes

These plants are green manure with highest amount of nitrogen, because their roots can gather the nitrogen in the air. This type of green manure examples are field beans, vetch, lupin, fenugreek, etc.


2. Non-legumes

These plants can’t produce nitrogen themselves. But as green manure varieties, they are huge in numbers, and easy to grow. They are mustard, Alfalfa, clover, ryegrass, phacelia, comfrey, crimson clover, trefoil, borage, brassicas, and so on.


Although these plants can be further divided into winter green manure and summer green manure, Tongda granulator can deal with them all as remarkable fertilizer materials. The operation is simple, but with high quality pellet products.


When to sow green manure and when to dig in green manure?

The traditional way of when to plant green manures and dig them is usually between two growing seasons. But with Tongda green manure fertilizer granulator, you can dig them all you want, as long as the growing green manure can support your digging. Generally, you can store the granule products of our pelletizers for at least two years. The valid time is actually much longer if you keep the granular fertilizers dry. So with our equipment, the uses of green manure can be convenient and more flexible.


Disc pan granulator as green manure fertilizer granulator
green manure disc pan granulator

Model : TDYZ-3600

Disc Diameter (mm) : 3600

Rim Height (mm) : 450

Rotary Speed (r/min) : 13

Power(kw) : 18.5

Capacity(t/h) : 4 – 6

Decelerator Model (kw) : ZQ400

Overall Size (mm) : 4100 x 2900 x 3800


What are the granular green manure nutrient contents?

Since Tongda green manure fertilizer granulator can preserve almost all the green manure npk content after the granulation process, the characteristics of green manure pellets are as good as the crops themselves. There are extremely high nitrogen contents in the fertilizer granules, along with good ratios of phosphorus, potassium and other trace nutrients. So they are the best green manure for allotments and other soil types.


What are the benefits of green manure fertilizer granulator?

Tongda company has the most experienced technique team, so our equipment is of professional and scientific designs. Whether you want to produce granular green manure for clay soil, for garden, or granular green manure crops for sandy soils, our machines can always be competent. The processing of Tongda green fertilizer pelletizer can preserve green manuring advantages to the maximum, you can use the green granules at any time you want. Besides, the green manure pellets are soluble, you can either spread them alone, or mix them in the water as green manure tea. Their utilizations are wide. The difference between green manure and compost is the composition, but during the granulation by Tongda fertilizer equipment, you can add extra nutrients into the granules to make up with the green manure limitations. So there are hardly any disadvantages of green manuring pellets produced by Tongda nodulizers.


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