Cassava, an adaptable and useful root vegetable, is widely used in many industries. Cassava granulator machine can apply it to produce useful pellets. 65% of cassava products are used as food, but it contains linsemarin, which can be lethal. If you want to eat cassava, make sure soak it in water for at least six days, and boil it up. The coarse cassava meals and its leaves are high energy component of animal feed. The cassava stems are good organic fertilizer materials. And you can make fuel pellets with the cassava industry residues. Cassava trading is a big business all over the world. There are huge importing and exporting of cassava every year. Since granular cassava is more suitable for trading and using, so a qualified cassava granulator machine will be helpful to your business.

Organic fertilizer granulator as cassava granulator machine
cassava organic fertilizer granulator

Tongda cassava organic fertilizer granulator

  • Model : TDJZ – 1500
  • Installation Angle : 2°-2.5°
  • Capacity(t/h) : 6 – 8
  • Power(kw) : 110
  • Feed Moisture : 20% – 40%
  • Feed Size(mesh) : 50
  • Overall Size(mm) : 5500 x 2800 x 2000

Cassava granulator machine and cassava grater machine for sale

Do you want to mass produce all kinds of cassava products with high efficiency? Do you need a cost-effective machine to work for you with high durability and reliability? Tongda heavy industry machinery hereby presents you with such equipment with all kinds of models. We can even tailor the machines for your specific needs. Whatever you want to do with the cassava, we can provide you the relevant equipment. You can purchase our cassava grater machine to make cassava meals. Or use our various granulator machines to produce cassava pellets. We will introduce to you the exact machines you need to process cassava afterwards. Furthermore, you can buy a whole production line to largely process cassava, quickly and efficiently. Order now and you will get a considerable discount! More reseasonable price for you! No matter you are in Nigeria or Philippines, or any other country, feel free to consult us.

Rotary drum granulator as cassava granulator machine
cassava rotary drum granulator

Tongda cassava rotary drum granulator

  • Model : TDZGZ-2280
  • Power(kw) : 22
  • Internal Diameter (mm) : 2200
  • Length(mm) : 8000
  • Installation Angle : 2°-5°
  • Rotate Speed(r/min) : 10.5
  • Capacity(t/h) : 10 – 15

How to make suitable fertilizer for cassava by Tongda cassava granulator machine?

Cassava is an important economical plant, how to fertilize cassava plant well surely is a crucial problem. Since cassava itself is a nutritional vegetable, it will consume considerable nutrients while growing. So you should maintain adequate amounts of nutrients in the soil between two sowings. Or the fertility of soil will rapidly drop. Also because cassava is rich in nutrients, you can actually use the residues after harvest to make organic fertilizers. They can be the best fertilizer for combined cassava and maize farming. Here are the steps.

  1. Compost the cassava

Gather the residues of the plants or cassava peels, pile them up and let them ferment. This step can be tedious and time consuming. So we suggest you apply Tongda fermentation pots and compost making machines to speed up the process, they can save you lots of time.

  1. Grate the cassava

Put the compost into Tongda fertilizer crusher(or cassava grater if you prefer) to produce material fines. It’s for the following steps to go smoother and faster.

  1. Prepare the powder

If you want to boost the effect of the fertilizer, you can add some more inorganic elements into the material powder, like npk or other nutrients. This time you should use professional Tongda fertilizer mixer. It can thoroughly mix the materials with low energy consuming.

  1. Granulate the materials

After preparation of the materials, put them into the granulators to get pellets. We recommend you to choose from four types of pelletizers that excel the work. They are Tongda new type organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum granulator, rotary gear drum granulator and disc pan pelletizer. These equipment can fit well in any scale of cassava fertilizer plants. And they can withstand heavy-duty work for a long time.

  1. Further process

If you produce the pellets for commercial purpose, Tongda company also possess fertilizer deburring polishing machine, rotary drum dryer and cooler, fertilizer screener, dispenser, deduster, coater, package machine and stacking robot to do your bidding. These machines can form a production line with mass production capacity and high work efficiency.

Using cassava peels and plant residues to produce green organic fertilizer is really good for your plants. You can also supplement them with npk fertilizers. Then how many 50kg of npk fertilizer is required for one hectare of cassava production? That should be around eight sacks of 14-14-14 type npk.

Rotary gear drum granulator as cassava granulator machine
cassava rotary gear drum granulator

Tongda cassava rotary gear drum granulator

  • Model : TDZJ – 1660
  • Power(kw) : 45 + 22
  • Installation Angle : 2°-2.5°
  • Capacity(t/h) : 5 – 8
  • Overall Size(mm) : 7500x2200x2250

What kind of Tongda cassava granulator machine should you apply to produce cassava feeds?

Since the coarse cassava meals, leaves and its stems are high energy source, they can be good livestock feed. With proper processing, you can store the cassava pellet feeds for very long time. So you can use them any time you want. For that purpose, Tongda heavy industry machinery has designed two types of granulators, double roller granulator and flat die pelletizer. Both machines can make compacted pellets of cassava. First, you need to let the cassava be fully fermented and shredded to pieces, like the steps you deal with it as fertilizers. Then you can add extra nutrients to fit different kinds of animals. You can mix the materials using Tongda mixer. After the materials are prepared, put them into the machines and start to do the granulation. You will get qualified granular cassava eventually. Your livestock surely will love their pellet treats.

Disc pan granulator as cassava granulator machine
cassava disc pan granulator

Tongda cassava disc pan granulator

  • Model : TDYZ-3600
  • Disc Diameter (mm) : 3600
  • Rim Height (mm) : 450
  • Rotary Speed (r/min) : 13
  • Power(kw) : 18.5
  • Capacity(t/h) : 4 – 6
  • Decelerator Model (kw) : ZQ400
  • Overall Size (mm) : 4100 x 2900 x 3800

What can you do with the cassava industrial residues by Tongda cassava granulator machine?

Cassava is biomass, so you can use it to produce ethanol, which is a good fuel source. However, cassava residues left by other industrial processes can also be fuel materials. You can use Tongda granulators to produce beautiful cassava fuel pellets for commercial purpose. This process is very similar to the process of producing animal feed pellets. But this time, you don’t need to compost the materials. If there are many bulks in the residues, you should use Tongda fertilizer crusher to shred them first. Otherwise, Just take the cassava residues and put them into the double roller granulator or flat die pelletizer, they will get the job done fast. If you own a big scale pellet plant, we suggest that you get a whole granule production line to do the work automatically and efficiently.

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