Rotary Gear Drum Granulator

What is a rotary gear drum granulator?

The rotary gear drum granulator is a combination of two types of granulators, the rotary drum granulator and the new organic fertilizer granulator. It cleverly merges together the working principles of both. So it is capable of producing large scale of fertilizers with high granulating ratio. This pelletizer is the patent product of Shunxin Heavy Industry Machinery. It is versatile, suitable for doing many different kinds of fertilizer granulating work. It is one of the most important equipment of the fertilizer production industry. You can apply it for your fertilizer pellet plant alone. It can also work with other fertilizer making machines, forming a high efficient fertilizer production line with mass-production capacity. It is especially useful in large scale fertilizer pellet mills. Those machines which can work with the rotary drum churning granulator are compost fertilizer machine, crush machine, fertilizer mixer, rotary drier, rotary cooler, and some other miscellaneous equipments.

rotary gear drum granulator
rotary gear drum granulator

rotary gear drum granulating equipment

  • Model: SXZGZ-1660
  • Power: 45+15kw
  • Installation Angel: 2°-2.5°
  • Rotary Speed: 11.5(r/min)
  • Capacity: 5-8 t/h

Shunxin rotary gear drum granulator of high quality for sale

A good SXZJ Series Fertilizer pelletizer can certainly benefit your business greatly, as long as you choose the most qualified one. Shunxin heavy industry machinery is the leading brand of fertilizer equipment in China. We dedicate our excellent technical team and resources to develop the most reliable and cost-effective granulator for our customers. You can choose from our wide selections to fit your own demands. We can also customize the machines for your specific desire. No matter which country are you in, we will always do our best to deliver the intact machine to you. Feel free to contact us anytime you want.

SXZJ series organic fertilizer granulator
SXZJ series organic fertilizer granulator

rotary gear drum granulator

  • Model: SXZGZ-1660
  • Power: 45+15kw
  • Installation Angel: 2°-2.5°
  • Rotary Speed: 11.5(r/min)
  • Capacity: 5-8 t/h

Why should you choose Shunxin rotary gear drum granulator?

  1. The rotary gear drum pelletizer can mass produce organic fertilizers of different levels of concentrations. You can also use it to do cold or hot granulation.
  2. With the adoption and collaboration of two granulating methods during granulation, the resulting pelleting ratio is higher than 90%, the granular products are more spherical.
  3. During the granulation, the material particles will agglomerate with each other because of the aerodynamic force, there is no need of binders.
  4. The raw materials are heated by steam or vapor, the moisture in the pellet products are low, you can dry them easily, it will lift the labour burden and lower the dry cost.
  5. The pellet products of this machine is 100% pure organic, good for fertilizing.
  6. The whole equipment is designed and manufactured with high-end materials, they bestow the machine with corrosion-protection, wear-resistance and prolonged service life.
  7. Although Shunxin rotary drum churning pelletizer is with high quality, its operation is very simple, you can learn to use it very quickly. There is also a detailed instruction manual for you to look through after your purchase.
  8. Since the machine is very durable, its operation is simple and clear, you will just need very low cost to the maintenance.
  9. The SXZJ Series Fertilizer Granulator is powered by electricity, so no chemical waste will be discharged during or after the process, it causes no pollution and is eco-friendly.
  10. The pelletizer functions with relative low cost of power, that can save much energy.

Our specially designed patent nodulizer possesses so many advantages compared to ordinary granulators, the cost-effective machine can help you in your work and facilitate your plant greatly. The machine will surely impress you if you have got one.

What materials can you use to make fertilizer pellets?

  • Animal wastes

You can use nearly all kinds of animal droppings to make manure fertilizers. The most common one is chicken litters, others include cow dung, sheep dung, horse dung, vermicompost, various poultry poops, dog feces, bat guano, blood meals, bones, etc.

  • Green foliage

Basically, you can process any plant leftovers into fertilizers. Such as leaves, roots, stalks, stovers, straws, and so on.

  • Humus soil

All the prepared compost, organic soil, humus acid, natural sludge, argil, kaolin, bentonite can be the source of fertilizers.

  • Industry residues

Carben black, lignite, paper mill sludge, sugar mill filter mud, herb medicine residues, begasse, vinasse, bean dregs, any organic leftovers of industry production can be used to create fertilizers.

  • Municipal solid wastes

The litters we dumped during daily life contains heavy metals which meet the international standards, you can use them as materials for fertilizers.

As you can see, all the materials which Shunxin rotary gear drum granulator can use are easy to get, they are in large number and very cheap. Surely you can turn these wastes to profit by applying our equipment.

How does rotary gear drum granulator work?

The SXZJ series organic fertilizer granulator employs continuous pusher with humidity technique to granulate. We will introduce the process as the following steps.

  1. Put the raw materials enters the machine.
  2. Start the machine, the tube will then revolve. The “teeth” inside the tube will shred the materials to pieces.
  3. With the combined work of aerodynamic force and churning, the powder of the materials will be mixed and agglomerated. Then they will gradually form into semi-finished pellets.
  4. In the meantime, you can add steam or vapor into the tube, make the pellets wet. Then the evenly wet granules continue to tumble in the tube. With the high speed rotating, centrifugal force, gravity, frictions between the pellets will realize the secondary pelletizing. The particles will squeeze each other, forming into more condensed granules.
  5. You can control the size of the final products to your desire. Generally, if you lower the moisture of the materials and raise the speed of rotation, you will get smaller pellets. If you add more steam and vapor into the machine, and lower the speed of rotation, you will get larger granules.

The dimensions of Shunxin rotary gear drum granulator

Because our engineers are working hard to further promote our products. The dimensions of SXZJ series organic fertilizer pelletizer can be changed or improved as you checking them. If you have any questions about our machines, please contact us for more details.



Installation Angle


Overall Size(mm)

SXZJ – 1060

45 + 15 2°-2.5° 5 – 8


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