Grass Pellet Making Machine

Grass, one of the most common plants we can see all the time, has countless various species, ranging from beneficial pastures to harmful weeds. You can cultivate grasslands with specific types as landscape. Or use them to produce animal feed, green fertilizer or even renewal fuel. Tongda grass pellet making machine can serve those purposes perfectly. Since they are perennial and grow everywhere, you surely can get abundant resources effortlessly. Making grass into small granules is a good choice to store it. You can possess large amount of grass pellets for sale in a long term. Whether you are running a big scale grass related business, or just want to prepare some for family use, grass pellet machines always come in handy. Tongda grass pellet mill can make the grass pelletizing simple and fast, even you don’t know how to make manure from grass, you can operate our granulators easily.


Organic fertilizer granulator as grass pellet making machine
grass organic fertilizer granulator

Model : TDJZ – 1500

Installation Angle : 2°-2.5°

Capacity(t/h) : 6 – 8

Power(kw) : 110

Feed Moisture : 20% – 40%

Feed Size(mesh) : 50

Overall Size(mm) : 5500 x 2800 x 2000


Tongda company, your most reliable grass pellet making machine manufacturer

Making grass pellets looks simple, that is because Tongda company has elaborately manufactured the grass pellet makers for you. Don’t use a homemade grass pellet mill to make the granules, because unqualified and unscientific machines are not capable of producing pellets with enough density and quality. The products may be dusty and crunchy. Tongda heavy industry machinery has dedicated thirty years to develop the most suitable equipment for grass granulation. We now have a wide range of grass pellet mills for sale. They can fit in your workplace well. Whether it is a big scale pellet plant, or your backyard, you can always pick the right models. Our complete work flow make sure our excellent machines can reach you, wherever you are, India or Napier, we will always deliver the integrated grass pellet machine to you. Order now, you will get a considerable discount, more reasonable price for you!


Rotary drum granulator as grass pellet making machine
grass rotary drum granulator

Model : TDZGZ-2280

Power(kw) : 22

Internal Diameter (mm) : 2200

Length(mm) : 8000

Installation Angle : 2°-5°

Rotate Speed(r/min) : 10.5

Capacity(t/h) : 10 – 15


How does Tongda grass pellet making machine produce feed granules?

Grass is the most important food source of herbivore livestock. They can be consumed directly, but it is also healthy for animals to eat prepared grass feed pellets. Tongda company has manufactured a series of grass feed pellet machines to produce qualified granular grasses. We’ll introduce them in the following steps.

  1. You need to ferment the fresh grass before granulation, that can make the grass easier to be digested, and improve the ratio of reducing sugar. You can use Tongda fermentation pot to speed up the process. They are cheap, compact and don’t occupy too many space.
  2. After fermentation, you can use Tongda crusher to shred the grass, they are energy-saving and effective.
  3. You can add extra element into the grass powder, make it more suitable for specific animal. Just put the materials into Tongda mixer, it can do the job thoroughly with high efficiency, it also consumes relative less power than other mixers.
  4. You can now granulate the materials. The equipment recommended should be double roller press granulator or flat die pellet machine. These two types of grass pressing machines mainly use high compression force to make the powder into granules. We use durable special alloy to manufacture them. So they can withstand heavy-duty work for a long time. In the mean time, they need less energy to operate, and are eco-friendly. You can apply these machines whatever scales your plants are.

Tongda company has the most experienced technique team, our grass pellet mills for sale are of high quality and durability, they surely can facilitate your pellets plant a lot.


Five main advantages of grass pellet making machine feed products

  1. Grass feed pellets can reduce the influence of seasons and weathers on the feed source. You can store large amount of feed pellets when the grass flourishes and food source is abundant. And you can feed your livestock well with granular grass during food scarce seasons.
  2. Feeding livestock with grass pellets can increase the feed conversion ratio. You only need small portions of feeds, but can get lots of milk, eggs and meat.
  3. Grass pellets are more convenient to be stored and transported. Granules produced by Tongda pelletizers are dense and sturdy, they will never break easily, and almost no dust in the storage. Besides, pellets are smaller, they just need a quarter space compared to the fresh grass.
  4. Fermented grass feed are easier for the livestock to digest. There is a special acidity flavor added after proper fermentation, making the feed pellets more delicious to eat.
  5. Granulation technology can extent the food source of livestock. Some plants are too hard to eat, but after processed by Tongda granulators, they can be much easier to swallow. Additionally, you can mix extra nutrients into the grass pellets during the granulation, they are healthier for the livestock.


Rotary gear drum granulator as grass pellet making machine
grass rotary gear drum granulator

Model : TDZJ – 1660

Power(kw) : 45 + 22

Installation Angle : 2°-2.5°

Capacity(t/h) : 5 – 8

Overall Size(mm) : 7500x2200x2250


How to make fertilizer with grasses and leaves by Tongda grass pellet making machine?

Grass possesses some of vitamins and cellulose, Tongda machines can turn them into fertilizer. First, pile the grass up, the composting is necessary to break down the organic matters. You can use Tongda fermentation pot and compost making machine to greatly reduce the time needed. Then, put the grass compost into Tongda fertilizer crusher to make grass powder. If you want to make grass fertilizers satiate different kinds of plants, you can add other nutrients to supplement the grass powder. Fully mix them up in a Tongda fertilizer mixer. When the grass is prepared, you can put them into grass machine to make fertilizer. The suitable equipment can be new type bio pellet machine(the churning teeth pelletizer), granular drum machine, rotary gear drum granulator and disc pan pelletizer. We recommend our fertilizer production line to process the pellet mill grass, it is more professional, and can work automatically and effectively.


Disc pan granulator as grass pellet making machine
grass disc pan granulator

Model : TDYZ-3600

Disc Diameter (mm) : 3600

Rim Height (mm) : 450

Rotary Speed (r/min) : 13

Power(kw) : 18.5

Capacity(t/h) : 4 – 6

Decelerator Model (kw) : ZQ400

Overall Size (mm) : 4100 x 2900 x 3800


Is it good to make fuel pellets with grass?

Using grass as a source of fuel is becoming more and more popular nowadays, even developed into a considerable business. So people even presume that grass can be the primary fuel in the future. The most common source of grass fuels are switchgrass, straws, etc. Grass pellets produced by Tongda grass pellet making machine are clean with low ash ratio and high heat efficiency. The actual procedure is similar to the process of grass feed granules, without fermentation step. A whole pellet production line can greatly promote your pellet making plant, you are welcomed to consult us for details at any time.


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