10 TPD Bentonite Granules Production Line for Customer in Kenya

The granulation line designed by Shunxin can be used for various types of raw materials disposal. Shunxin specializes in R&D of granulator machine and fertilizer pellets production line over 15 years. Our granulator equipment and fertilizer granules production lines have been sold for fertilizer manufacturers from all over the world. Today, here is a case of 10 t/d Bentonite fertilizer granules production line for Kenyan customer for you. You can get the detailed information from the following communication process.

How much is the 10 TPD organic fertilizer granulation line in your company?

The customer in Kenya wants t get one set of 10 t/d organic fertilizer pellet making line. However, the price of organic fertilizer granulation line is related to its types and production capacity. There are many types of 10 TPD organic fertilizer granules production lines for sale in Shunxin Company, such as disc ganulation line, rotary drum granulation line, double roller extrusion granulation line. They are equipped with different models of fertilizer equipment according to various raw materials. Therefore, all of these fertilizer granulation lines are on sale at different prices. When getting an organic fertilizer granultion line, please tell us your raw materials and production capacity.

Can you offer me the fertilizer granulation line for disposal of Bentonite, dolamite, gypsum,etc?

Kenyan customer makes the fertilizer granules with the bentonite, dolamite, gypsum, city compost, pressmud,etc. We design the two solutions for the customer according to his raw materials and yield. One is the organic fertilizer disc granulation line, and the other is double roller extrusion granulation line. These two types of fertilizer granulation lines are sold at the different price. According to the customer’s budget, we recommend the dry extrusion granulation line for him. You can get one set of customized fertilizer production line at the best cost from us. Email us to get efficient fertilizer production line.

What machines should I buy for this 10t/d Bentonite granules production line assembly?

The 10 tons/day Bentonite fertilizer pellet line for the customer in Kenya includes the following machines. The whole granulation line: vertical crushing machine, rotary screening machine, double roller press granulator, horizontal mixer and packing machine. Because of customers’ different situations, we will offer different deployment solutions of fertilizer production lines. You can contact and tell us your production needs and budget. We will recommend the best production line and fertilizer making machines to you. Welcome to inquiry.

The above is a part of 10 t/d Bentonite fertilizer pellet production line. There are also other successful cases of fertilizer granulation lines in Shunxin. You can visit our website to get more information about the fertilizer granulator machines. In addition, you can contact us through Whatsapp, email,telephone. We will answer you as soon as possible. What’s more, we will meet your reasonable requirements about the fertilizer pellet making machine and organic fertilizer production line. Welcome to our website for free inquiry.

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