Cow Manure Fertilizer Pellet Machine can produce qualified cattle dung granules as fertilizers. Cow manures maybe the best fertilizer for your crops and garden plants, and you can easily apply bio fertilizers from cow dung. They contain rich nutrients, fairly good for your plants as well as for the soil improvement and amendment. You can use combination of cow manure and npk on beetroot, or use the cow dung pellets as tobacco fertilizer. Granular cow droppings are always easy to apply. They are preferred in place of chemical fertilizers. The cow wastes are not only large in number, but also very cheap, you can even get free cow feces from the cattle farmers. So you only need a good fertilizer granulator to process them.

cow manure organic fertilizer granulator
cow manure organic fertilizer granulator

Cow manure Organic Fertilizer

  • Model : SXJZ – 1500
  • Installation Angle : 2°-2.5°
  • Capacity(t/h) : 6 – 8
  • Power(kw) : 110
  • Feed Moisture : 20% – 40%
  • Feed Size(mesh) : 50
  • Overall Size(mm) : 5500 x 2800 x 2000

Is it profitable to make commercial fertilizer by cow manure fertilizer pellet machine?

As more and more people enjoy beef and milk in their daily life, cattle farms grow with these needs. There are all kinds of cattle raised all over the world in numerous numbers, you can get huge amount of cow manures every day. These cow wastes may bring you good profit if handled by good pelletizing machines. Cow dung export and import is big business, including many countries and cities, like India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Melbourne region, etc. So commercial cow dung compost manufacturing project is clearly feasible. Besides, many animal farming industries have to face the pollution problems caused by animal droppings, especially cattle farms. So making bio fertilizer from cow dung is good for the environment, too. It can greatly reduce the cost of environmental protection.

cow manure rotary drum granulator
cow manure rotary drum granulator

Cow Manure Rotating Granulator

  • Model : SXZGZ-2280
  • Power(kw) : 22
  • Internal Diameter (mm) : 2200
  • Length(mm) : 8000
  • Installation Angle : 2°-5°
  • Rotate Speed(r/min) : 10.5
  • Capacity(t/h) : 10 – 15

Shunxin heavy industry machinery, your best cow manure fertilizer pellet machine supplier

Turning cow wastes into bio fertilizers is clearly profitable and eco-friendly, but the processing demand strict technical procedure. So you need professional equipment. Shunxin heavy industry machinery is the expert of designing and manufacturing fertilizer making machines. We are the leading brand because we have the most experienced technique team. They have been researching and developing our products for thirty years. We can provide you with a wide range of excellent equipment. They can greatly facilitate your factory producing organic fertilizer from cow dung. If you have a small plant and need to make organic fertilizers from 200 cow’s dung, our machines will certainly be competent. We also have complete work flow of online sales. No matter which country or city are you in, Kerala, Assam, Israel, Oman or Swiss, we can deliver the machines to you intact. Order now, you will get a good, reasonable price.

Why we need to compost the cow manure?

Fresh cow feces will burn the young vegetables to death. Before being processed into pellets, because they are animal wastes, there are surely pathogens and parasites which are not safe to people. Besides, you don’t want any weed seeds left in the fertilizer granules. So you need to ferment them enough. The composting can break down the high ammonia, reduce the pathogens to minimum, and minimize the odor of animal wastes to acceptable level. Then how to make compost manure from cow dung? We suggest you apply Shunxin related machine for compost fertilizer from cow dung. Usually, you need six months to ferment the cow wastes. But high quality Shunxin compost making machine and fermentation pot can greatly reduce that time.

cow manure rotary gear drum granulator
cow manure rotary gear drum granulator

Cow Manure Rotary Gear Drum Granulator

  • Model : SXZJ – 1660
  • Power(kw) : 45 + 22
  • Installation Angle : 2°-2.5°
  • Capacity(t/h) : 5 – 8
  • Overall Size(mm) : 7500 *2200 *2250

How to make commercial fertilizer from cow dung by cow manure fertilizer pellet machine?

Since you may be interested in how to convert cowdung into fertilizer for comercial purposes. Here we will introduce the steps of managing cow manure as the followings.

  1. Ferment the cow droppings properly. You can use Shunxin compost making machine and organic fermentation pot to process the fresh cow litters, make them safe.
  2. Use Shunxin fertilizer crusher to shred the cow feces bulks to pieces. Don’t crush them in chaffcutter machine, use a professional equipment to do the job.
  3. If you want to add other elements in the cow poops, you should use a Shunxin fertilizer mixer to do the works. It is fast and energy-saving.
  4. Put the prepared cow litters into various Shunxin granulators, and start the machine, you will get homogenous pellet products. The proper equipment should be new bio pellet machine, drum pelletizer, rotary drum churning granulator and disc pan pelletizer.
  5. To make the cow manure pellets more beautiful for the commercial purpose, you can apply Shunxin fertilizer deburring polishing machine. It can make the pellets rounder, smoother and brighter.

There are other machines that can fit in the cow manure production line. They are rotary drum dryer, cooler, fertilizer screener, dispenser, deduster, coater, package mahine, etc. You can use them to achieve automatic and mass production. If you want to know more, please contact us.

How can you use cow manure fertilizer pellet machine products?

Some people used to use dried cow droppings as manure fuels. They process the cow feces into bulks, like cow dung bricks, briquettes, cakes, logs or soaps. It is a good and energy saving way of cow litters usage. But currently, the most common way to deal with cow poops is processing them into valuable organic fertilizer pellets. They are more useful. You can use the whole set of Shunxin fertilizer making machines to mass produce bio fertilizer from cow manure. Shunxin cow dung fermentation machine, compost making machine, crushing machine, mixing machine, dewatering machine or drying machine, granulator, etc. These are the cow dung fertilizer machine names. Together, they can form an efficient production line. You can easily apply the pellet products of them as fuels or fertilizers.

cow manure disc pan granulator
cow manure disc pan granulator

Cow Manure Disc Pan Granulator

  • Model : SXYZ-3600
  • Disc Diameter (mm) : 3600
  • Rim Height (mm) : 450
  • Rotary Speed (r/min) : 13
  • Power(kw) : 18.5
  • Capacity(t/h) : 4 – 6
  • Decelerator Model (kw) : ZQ400
  • Overall Size (mm) : 4100 *2900 *3800

What are the nutrient components of cow manure fertilizer pellet machine products?

Cow dung bio fertilizer is among the best fertilizers. Cow dung manure fertilizers pellets can supply your crops and garden plants with the best organic matter bulk. By rough calculation, they generally contain 3% nitrogen, 2% phosphorus, and 1% potassium. Other nutrients essential to the plants are rich, too. The microorganisms present in cow poops can improve the soil conditions, break the soil compaction and make the environment more suitable for plant growth. Since the granulated cow manures are excellent for growing vegetables, the plants will be green, thick and strong. But fresh cow poos contain too high of ammonia, which can be harmful or even lethal to the plants. They should be carefully prepared before using directly on your plants. That is why Shunxin granulator machines should be acquired for.

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