Hay Pelletizer

Hay is the traditional food source for livestock, usually act as a backup for scare seasons. Hay pelletizer are useful for that purpose. However, hay is an important renewal fuel source and a good choice of green organic fertilizer, too. You can get large amount of hey easily and cheaply. Business involving hay could be a lucrative one, only if you get a good hay pelletizer. You can bale hay, but when you process it into hay pellets, it would be more convenient to use. So hay pellet machines are the most important parts in the pellet production line. Do you want a high efficiency hay pellet maker? Do you need some reliable hay pellet mill machines to serve you long and well in your pellet plants? Would you like a pellet mill for hay to facilitate your business to success? We may be your best choice.


Organic fertilizer granulator as hay pelletizer
hay organic fertilizer granulator

Model : TDJZ – 1500

Installation Angle : 2°-2.5°

Capacity(t/h) : 6 – 8

Power(kw) : 110

Feed Moisture : 20% – 40%

Feed Size(mesh) : 50

Overall Size(mm) : 5500 x 2800 x 2000


High-end hay pelletizer for sale in Tongda company for a reasonable price

Tongda heavy industry machinery now provide you with our best hay pelletizer desgin, order now and you will get a considerable discount! Our company has dedicated in manufacturing hay pelleting equipment for over thirty years, what you require is what we strive for. We have experienced technique team that can offer you a wide range of hay pelleting machines. And they are of different models that can fit in your pellet plants well. Tongda machines can work separately for their own purpose, but you can aslo form a pellet production line with them. They can surely boost your pellet business greatly. We also have a complete work procedure to ensure you get what you ordered, even if you are in a distant country and city.


Rotary drum granulator as hay pelletizer
hay rotary drum granulator

Model : TDZGZ-2280

Power(kw) : 22

Internal Diameter (mm) : 2200

Length(mm) : 8000

Installation Angle : 2°-5°

Rotate Speed(r/min) : 10.5

Capacity(t/h) : 10 – 15


Why should we choose hay pelletizer products over hay bale?


  1. Hay pellets are homogeneous

Tongda granulator can produce pellets with good consistency. While hay bales often contain other stuff, like weeds, bugs, twigs, crushed little animals, or even metals. Clearly pellets are safer and neater.


  1. Explicit formula

You can always check the ingredients and nutrition analysis of pellets, and easily identify whether they are fit for you to use or not. But long stem forage in bales are unidentified, you need send it to a lab before knowing its properties.


  1. No hazard to use

You can directly use the pellets on your plants or feed to your livestock. Hay on the other side, need to be fermented properly before any application.


  1. No air pollution

Tongda hay pellet press machines can produce smooth and dense granules. They are dust free, with no hazard of polluting the air. Hay bales on the other hand are full of dust. You don’t want your storage and houses to be full of flying dust, do you?


  1. Easy to handle

Granular hays are smaller than hay bales of equal weight, but much more denser. You can store and transport them with less space needed, saving you a lot of money.


  1. Easy to use

Hay granules can be used precisely, which is important when you want to control the dosage. You can easily weigh them to decide how much you need. Hay bales are a totally different story, you can only judge the quantity by experience, the result is quite rough.


  1. Easy to clean

Hay pellet produced by Tongda hay pelletizers will generate less ash when burnt, the heat transition ratio is high. While hay bales will cause heavy smoke and lots of ashes during combustion.


  1. More elements

During the granulation, you can add different kinds of materials into the hay powder according to different kinds of needs. You can do this by applying Tongda mixer machine. Pellets produced by Tongda hay pelletizer can serve many purposes. Hay bales are of simple structure, you can’t make many changes with them.


Hay pellets, the rising star of new energy resource

As a renewable source, hay is getting more and more popular nowadays as a fuel resource. Grass grows fast and abundantly, you can harvest a batch of hay within weeks. Compared to the nonrenewable fossil fuels, hay fuel has tremendous advantages. They can be replenished more quickly, gathered more easily, and with lower cost. All you need is a fine machine to make hay granules. Tongda company has designed two types of that machines, the double roller press granulator and the flat die extrusion granulator. Both machines are of relative small size, but with mass production ability, they can fit in any scales of pellet plant, you will find them as a great help to produce hay pellets.


Rotary gear drum granulator as hay pelletizer
hay rotary gear drum granulator

Model : TDZJ – 1660

Power(kw) : 45 + 22

Installation Angle : 2°-2.5°

Capacity(t/h) : 5 – 8

Overall Size(mm) : 7500x2200x2250


Is it good to apply hay pellets as animal feed?

Naturally, you will think that feeding livestock with hay is enough, no need to spend extra time and money to produce hay pellets. But, hay pellets are better than mere bales in many ways. Small granules are always easier to feed on animals than a bundle of hay, especially for small animals and cubs. Besides, you can weigh the pellets to feed the livestock precisely, with no waste. You can use Tongda fermentation pot to properly ferment the hay, it will make the pellet products more flavored and easy to be digested. You can also use Tongda mixer machine to add extra nutrients into the hay powder, making it more healthier for your livestock. Then you can use Tongda double roller press machine or flat die extrusion machine to do the granulation.


Disc pan granulator as hay pelletizer
hay disc pan granulator

Model : TDYZ-3600

Disc Diameter (mm) : 3600

Rim Height (mm) : 450

Rotary Speed (r/min) : 13

Power(kw) : 18.5

Capacity(t/h) : 4 – 6

Decelerator Model (kw) : ZQ400

Overall Size (mm) : 4100 x 2900 x 3800


A background study of hay as fertilizer

Although people usually apply hay as feed, it can actually be a good fertilizer for the soil. But we seldom do that, because fresh grass is easier to compost. But if there are too many hay feeds left when the season of growth comes, we can make the leftovers into organic fertilizers with hay pelletizer to avoid waste. To do that is the same as process fresh grass into fertilizers. First you need Tongda compost making machine and fermentation pot to fully ferment the hay, than toss the materials into Tongda crusher machine to get hay powder, and use Tongda mixer machine to add extra elements into the powder. After prepared, you can use Tongda pelletizers to make granules. The proper machines are the new design bio pellet machine, granular drum machine, rotary drum churning granulator and disc pan pelletizer.


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