5t/h Disc Granulation Production Line in Finland

As the old-brand fertilizer equipment manufacturer, we have many successful cases of disc granulator machine. There are also complete disc granulation production line for sale in our company. You can get the whole granulation line at the best price. The following is about the design solution of 5tph disc granulator production line for fertilizer manufacturer in Finland. It can be your reference.

Which Granulator Can Make 1-5mm Final Granules?

The fertilizer producer in Finland wants to get the finished fertilizer granules with 1-5 diameter. According to his requirements, we recommend the best machine of pan pelletizer. We have more than 15 years of experience in design and production of fertilizer granulator. When purchasing the organic and compound fertilizer granulator, you can tell us your production requirements. We will recommend the best machines based on your fertilizer production needs.

disc granulating machine delivery for customer

Can Your Pan Granulator Process Powder Composted Chicken Manure with Moisture of 25%?

The customer from Finland produces the fertilizer granules with chicken manure. The chicken manure contains water content of about 25%. The disk granulating fertilizer machine designed from us can process the powder fertilizer with moisture of 30%. During the granulation process, the water spraying system of disk fertilizer pelletizer will add the water into the pan. In this way, the powder fertilizer can meet the granulating requirements. From the above, you can know that you should keep the powder fertilizer moisture at about 30%. By doing this, you can get the better granulation effect from fertilizer disc pelletizer.

Granules Made by Organic Fertilizer Disc Granulator

How Much Area Is Prepared for the Entire Disc Pelletizing Production Line?

Finnish customers wants to build a set of 5 tons/hour disc pelletizing production line. Therefore, he need to lease 4500㎡ production area for installing the whole granular fertilizer production line. We also offer the best drawing draft of 5t/h disc granulator fertilizer production line for the customer from Finland. When negotiating the design solution of fertilizer production line, we will propose the best advice for you.

What Is the Total Price of 5tph Disc Fertilizer Pelletizing Production Line?


pan type chicken manure fertilizer granulates making line
pan type chicken manure fertilizer granulates making line

The whole disc granulation production line price is about $190,000. The price is just for your reference. Because of different configurations of fertilizer production line, its price will also be different. There are many types of fertilizer equipment for sale in our company. They are on sale at the affordable price. You can contact us for more details.

The above is the part of communication process with the fertilizer manufacturer from Finland. There are also many successful cases of fertilizer production machines. You can email us for specific consultation. Our company support 24-hour online service. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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