100Ton/day Organic Fertilizer Production Line for Client from Jordan

We are a professional manufacturer of organic fertilizer equipment. You can get best machines for organic fertilizer manufacturing from us. We have many years of organic fertilizer production line design, production and installation. Our customers are from all over the world. Today, you can know about a successful cases of 100t/d organic fertilizer production line for sale in Jordan.

What materials does the Jordanian customer use for organic fertilizer making?

Based on the initial communication, we get to know that the fertilizer manufacturer from Jordan makes the organic fertilizer with chicken manure, beef waste and MBM. The production line of organic fertilizer made by our company can be used for these organic waste disposal. Of course, our production lines are also suitable for other animal manure organic fertilizer production. Email us for free inquiry.

How many organic fertilizer does the client from Jordan produce per day?

It is understood that the customer in Jordan wants to buy a set of 100t/d organic fertilizer production line. In Shunxin machinery, the customer can find 1-20 t/h organic fertilizer making lines. Therefore, we have the further communication about the deal of organic fertilizer production line.

What machines will be included in Jordanian 100t/d organic fertilizer making line?

Rotary drum granulator lined with PVC plastic plate
rotary drum granulator lined with PVC plastic plate

The Jordanian fertilizer manufacturer wants to make the granular organic fertilizer. Thus, we design the organic granular fertilizer production line for him. The required machines in this line are compost turning machine, fertilizer crushing machine, fertilizer rotary screening machine, rotary drum granulator, fertilizer dryer and cooler, fertilizer coating machine and automatic packing machine.

How much is the 100ton/day granular organic fertilizer making line for sale in Jordan?

After multi-times communication, we both confirm the final design plan of organic fertilizer production line. What’s more, we finish the deal at the price of about $360,000. there are also other fees like shipping fee, artificial fee. The price is just for your reference. The price of fertilizer production line will fluctuate according to market conditions.

From the above, you can know the information about the successful case of Jordanian granular organic fertilizer production line. If you are interested in the organic fertilizer production, you can contact us. Our staff will provide you with the detailed materials. Welcome to inquiry us for more information about the price of organic fertilizer production machines.

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