6t/h Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer Granulator Machine for Sale in South Africa

To meet customers’ production needs, we design and produce the granulator machine with strong adaptability. You can use it for organic fertilizer production or compound fertilizer production. Shunxin  fertilizer round granulator machines are sold all over the world. Therefore, you can get yo know many successful cases of granulation machines. Here is a case about  Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer granulator for sale in South Africa. The details are as follows.

How many fertilizers does the South African customer produce per hour?

disc granulation line for fertilizer production

The south African fertilizer manufacturer buys a set of compound fertilizer production line with capacity of 6 t/h. He is buying a fertilizer granulator to assemble this whole production line of compound fertilizer. We recommend the disc type granulator machine to him. The materials and production capacity is the recommended criteria of fertilizer production machines. Therefore, when buying the fertilizer machines, our staff will know about the customers’ raw materials and yield at first.

Which type of fertilizer granulation machine is the best for the customer from south Africa?

When recommending the fertilizer granulated machine to the customer, we know about the yield of his ammonium nitrate fertilizer production line is 6 tons per hour. Therefore, we advise him to buy the fertilizer disk granulator. The machine can granulate 4- 6 tons of raw materials in an hour.

What is the price of 6/h South African disk fertilizer granulator?

Disc granulator for shipment

In the market, you can buy pan-type fertilizer ball pelletizers that range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars. In other words, you can get a set of disc granulating fertilizer machine at the affordable price. We are a manufacturer of disc granulator machine.You can get the ammonium nitrate fertilizer pellet machine at the factory price. Welcome to inquiry.

How does the South African install the disc granulator of ammonium nitrate fertilizer?

The customer from South Africa install the whole fertilizer pan granulation equipment with the help of our engineer. You can get the technical guidance after ordering Shunxin fertilizer equipment. If you get some troubles in using the disc fertilizer granular machine, please contact us. We will try our best to solve these problems.

The above is the case of disc ammonium nitrate fertilizer granulator for sale in South Africa. You can know more details through contacting with us. There are also other cases you can know about before buying the fertilizer disk granulation machine. We will provide you with many detailed information. If buying a fertilizer production equipment, inquiry now. You can get them at the best cost.

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