What is bone meal fertilizer and its definition?

Using bone as fertilizer can be traced back to old times. However, using bone fertilizer pelletizer to produce bone granules is a new tech. Bone for fertilizer can be helpful to plants. The bone fertilizer meaning maybe straight and cruel, but it is effective. You can use any bone to produce bone meal for fertilizer. For example, the fish bone meal fertilizer, or fertilizer for plant by chicken bone. You can also convert it into bone black fertilizer. The most common forms we apply are ground bone fertilizer or granulated bone dust fertilizer. There are bone meal fertilizer alternatives, but the substitutes are not as common and cheap as bones. You can buy bone meal organic fertilizers from Amazon, Ebay or Walmart. However, Tongda company can provide you with excellent machines that can make qualified bone meal fertilizer pellets for better use.

Double roller granulator as bone fertilizer pelletizer
bone double roller granulator

Tongda bone double roller granulator

  • Model : TDJZ – 1T
  • Power(kw) : Pellet Diameter ≦4.5mm : 11; Pellet Diameter >4.5mm: 15
  • Pellets Diameter (mm) : 3 – 10
  • Roller Sheet Size(mm) : Φ 150 x 220
  • Overall Size(mm) : 1450 x 800 x 1450

Tongda company, the top bone fertilizer pelletizer supplier in china

Bone meal fertilizer wholesale can be a good business, but you need professional equipment to support your bone dry fertilizer company. Which kind of machine should I use to transform animal bones into fertilizers? You may wonder. Tongda heavy industry machinery provide a wide range of bone meal fertilizer manufacturers that can be your reliable assistance. We have the most experienced professor and experts, you can totally trust our designs. Our machines can make you good bone meal fertilizer suppliers. Our bone fertilizer pelletizer is energy-saving and cost-effective. The bone meal making machine cost is lower, and your bone meal fertilizer price will be lower, too. Don’t hesitate to consult us even you produce bone meal fertilizer in factory in other states. We have complete work procedures. Canada, Edmonton, Ireland, India, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, any distant country or city should be alright. Order now, boost your organic bone meal production!

How to process bone pellets by bone fertilizer pelletizer?

Making bone meal fertilizer is simple. First, we need to do the bone meal manufacturing process. Clean up the bones, leave no meat or fat on them. Don’t forget to remove the bone marrows. Then heat the bones with high temperature to kill the pathogens in them and make them easier to smash. Then use a hammer or other hard objects to pound the bones to little pieces. The following steps of bone meal fertilizer procedures will need Tongda machines involved.

  1. You can apply Tongda fertilizer crusher to make the bone pieces into fine meals, for later processes.
  2. Use a Tongda bone fertilizer mixer to add extra nutrients to the bone meals if you want to, and a small portion of water to act as binder.
  3. After the materials are fully prepared, use Tongda Bone Fertilizer Pelletizer to create little granules. The proper machines could be double extruder pellet machine or flat die pellet machine. They can make dense pellets that you can easily pile up in your bone meal fertilizer home depot.
  4. We also have many other machines for the big scale bone meal fertilizer plants. They are deburring polishing machine, rotary drum dryer, cooler, fertilizer screener, dispenser, deduster, package machine and stacking robot. You can use them to form a total automatic and efficient production line. They are good at mass producing bone meal fertilizer for sale.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know of how to make fertilizers from bones. If you still have questions, contact us any time you want.

What bone meal fertilizer nutrients are good for the plant growth?

The bone meal fertilizer ingredients are all the kinds of bones, so the NPK ratios are not balanced at all. The numbers are roughly around 3-15-0. We use bone fertilizers mainly because we need the abundant phosphorus and calcium elements. Tongda pelletizers can preserve these elements while produce granules. The phosphorus cause plants to develop stronger roots and blossom more flowers, thus increase yields. The calcium, on the other hand, is the essential element to build leaves cell walls and root ends. If you test your lands, and find out they are lack of phosphorus and calcium, then the bone fertilizer is definitely what you need. Besides, bone meals can also provide soil with nitrogen and other trace nutrients. But the quantity is small, you need Tongda mixer to add more nutrients into the bone meals before granulation.

Double roller granulator as bone fertilizer pelletizer
bone double roller granulator

Tongda bone double roller granulator

  • Model : TDJZ – 3T
  • Power(kw) : Pellet Diameter ≦4.5mm : 37; Pellet Diameter >4.5mm: 45
  • Pellets Diameter (mm) : 3 – 10
  • Roller Sheet Size(mm) : Φ 300 x 300
  • Overall Size(mm) : 1850 x 1100 x 2050

How to use bone meal fertilizer on your plants?

Bone fertilizer pelletizer can produce bone phosphate fertilizer, which you can easily store and use at will. As an organic fertilizer, bone meal slow release fertilizer can support your plants for long term. So you probably need to add it into the soil before planting anything. When applying, add it 15 to 20 cm away from the root balls and 8 to 10 cm deep into the soil. And note this, the pH level of the soil must below 7 to allow the bone pellets fully function. So adjusting the pH before applying the granules is important. You can also put the bone meal pellets into some water to create liquid bone meal organic fertilizer. It is not good for storing, but easier to sprinkle.

What are the exact bone meal fertilizer uses?

The bone fertilizer pelletizer products are as good as bone meals. We can apply bone fertilizer pellets to amend the soil and increase the concentration of phosphorus. The bone meal fertilizer benefits are obvious. They can get you healthy potted plants, garden plants, lawn grass, trees, flowers and vegetables. They are especially useful for tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, weeds, roses, etc. Another main application of bone granules is as supplements of livestock feed. That’s because the rich calcium elements in the bones.

Flat die pelletizer as bone fertilizer pelletizer
bone flat die pelletizer

Tongda bone flat die pelletizer

  • Model : Kp-400c
  • Power(kw) : 37
  • Capacity(t/h) : 1.5 – 2.5

Is bone meal fertilizer safe for dogs or toxic to dogs?

Many bone meal fertilizer users are also raise dogs. And bones are attracting to dogs naturally. After processed into pellets by Tongda pelletizer, the bone meal fertilizer is not poisonous to dogs. But it can cause intestinal obstruction or pancreatitis if your dogs ingest large quantity of it. So keeping your dogs away from the bone meal pellets is the necessary precaution.

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